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Dear visitor of this homepage

I’m looking for a new employment and can offer you:

  • sound management skills in industrial context
  • ten years of R&D record in diverse university projects
  • international experience
  • social and environmental commitment

My current employment is at

STEAG New Energies GmbH

 Biomass fuel management center

  • Purchase biogas plants: contract design, prices, cropping costs, economic feasibility, harvest control, quality management, statistics, market survey
  • Project alternative permanent crop: coordination of research activities laboratory and field trials, field inspections, analysis of results and advise for future activities
  • Purchase wood power plants: execution of input analysis for supplier assessment, establishing waste consignment documents, communication with public authorities, trouble shooting
  • Expertise and support on research and investment projects

the project:

Renewable Energy Promotion Tour:
From Giessen To Agadir with a vegetable oil driven motorcycle

is finished since 2009 and I am willing to present the tour and intention upon request.

                                    about one year after the return of my "ecologic adventure " finally the book is ready:
                                    about 19 x 23 cm 48 pages screwed together between aluminum bars.
                                    It can be ordered per e-mail at: for
                                                                                                                                    30.-¤ in Germany
                                                                                                                            and 35.-¤ for the rest of the world.
                                    After the command it will be produced handmade by myself.


My services I am offering on the following homepage:

 Arno Deuker green Ideas


Yours sincerely

Arno Deuker